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Kimberly Marie's Testimonials

Working with Kimberly Marie has given me my own power back. It has connected me to my power. I am finding my own path and I’m excited about it. It has made me aware of every situation. It is almost as if things used to happen to me and now I’m creating everything and I recognize my creations. I now have created a healthy supportive relationship with a wonderful partner.

My sessions with Kimberly Marie have made me aware of my surroundings which have led me to more positive experiences.

I have received many raises, promotions at work, a new supportive relationship; I have taken many vacations which I never ever did before.

I really honor who I am and being empowered, I now with confidence, speak up for myself!

Working with Kimberly Marie I have become so confident about how I present myself and my business to the world.

I’m losing weight – it’s just coming off – it’s not so much the weight but it’s the inches. I’m now wearing clothes I haven’t worn in years.

It’s a combination of her work with me and me supporting my own health.

Please book a channeling session with Kimberly Marie if you are interested in working with her.

A friend recommended me to Kimberly Marie. I had been feeling stuck in most areas of my life for quite a while. The first time we spoke together I knew that my life was already changing. She was very direct and to the point. I was in my own way and I did not even see that with a few adjustments in my life everything would shift so easily.

I was surprised that she did not give me advice; she helped me to see what I was creating that was stopping me from having a better life. It was amazing that I was creating my own chaos and that I could immediately create a different reality. I have to admit that I did not want to look at what I was doing I just wanted it to change. Yet in looking at it, taking responsibility for my own actions and changing it, my whole world became so different so quickly. What I learned in that call was that since I was the one who was creating the issue then I was the only one who could change it. Now my life is flowing in a positive direction all the time so easily. I really experience everything in new way.

I am so grateful to have spoken with Kimberly Marie and found within myself the key to enjoying my life.

I had a session with Kimberly Marie which helped me to get clarity on a few issues in my life. She also helped me move some stagnant energy that was causing a persistent cough. I left that session feeling more grounded in my body, more open and ready to take the actions needed to actualize my vision.

I haven't seen Kim in years but it seemed like it was yesterday, I feel such an amazing ease with her.

I felt that the session targeted what was in the forefront and what was amazing to me was being led without the fear of getting in the way. This resulted in connecting to what my Soul knew to be true to me.

This session brought to light how I have the answers within me, even though you may know it, this didn't leave me doubting but more of knowing my truth.

I want to thank Kim very much for the session!