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Alan's Testimonials

I don’t know where I would have been without doing sessions with Alan. It changed the reality of not only my money issue, but of everything in my life. What I spend my money on, what I’m eating and what my reality really looks like. I’m more aware than ever before of everything which gives me total control and personal power. I’m now more aware of every aspect of my life.

Alan, my awareness has changed so I see what I can do and what I’m capable of. I live in a more logical way. You look at what I’m doing and you give me direction. I make the choices! I have grown in leaps and bounds. Alan, you help me to be a better person!

Words do not describe how I have allowed myself to go forward, learning with Alan. He is a spirited human being and passes this on to others that are open for change.

I’m a changed man because of him. Where would I be if I did not capture his divine spirit in many ways on many levels? Again it is hard to describe how he helped me to stop stepping into stuff!

Hi Alan, I just want to thank you. I’m so grateful for you and all that you have done for me! I know that you are going to say that I’m doing it for myself – but you gave me a giant push and I’m grateful that you came into my life! Thanks!

Hi Alan! I just need to stop and Thank you! I am balancing my checkbook and after my mortgage cleared I am positive $1,200.00! I have a fabulous savings account, am paying my debt down and got an unexpected check yesterday for $350.00!!!

Thank you Alan for challenging me to take a look at my finances, as scary, as cranky as it made me... I am grateful, not scary or cranky now! THANK YOU!!!!

Hi Alan, You really helped me today. I so appreciate your gentle encouragement and positive approach!!!! Thanks.

I couldn't believe this, but you will. As I was going through the piles on my coffee table yesterday, I came across a $500 unemployment check that I'd received in August! How could this be? (I knew the day the checks would arrive and I waited by the mailbox for the postman.) How could I have possibly missed cashing it?

Then I noticed a note that said all checks have to be cashed within 90 days. I missed that deadline. My first thought was to try to cash it anyway, but I thought of your saying to always follow my own ethical beliefs. I wasn't sure if I'd be crossing the line there so I called unemployment. They told me to send in the check and they'll replace it!

Thank you so much! ☺

I just realized something. Usually at this time of the spring-- when you can see a film of pollen on your car OR snow-like fluff floating in the air-- is a sign that tree pollen is being released ... and I would NORMALLY be sneezing my head off and popping Allegra to quiet an allergy induced migraine. This has been a 33-year spring ritual.

Let’s see... Pollen film ...Check
Fluff floating around ...Check
Migraine and sneezing ...NOPE.

I've heard that allergies may be a kind of emotional / psychological response. It is funny that my allergies started at around age 9, when my life took a bad turn ( dad died, my sister totally "lost it" and was diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic, and 2 of my 3 brothers took liberties beating me on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.)

Hence, when I came to see you, we worked on my confidence (which has GREATLY improved) ... and my anger AND ALLERGIES went totally away quietly as well. So you are a man of many talents. Thanks!

Dear Alan, The first time I met you in January 2008 a friend brought me to a meeting in MA at a yoga center. I had been told the day before that cancer had returned to four places in my body. You did not know that and told me that I had great energy.

What a wonderful words for me to hear. So I kept trying various modalities (met with you a number of times). In the Spring I had almost unbearable pain, called my son to come see me "one last time", gave almost everything away. Then decided I was going to move, dying or not, to Northern Virginia. That did not work out but in the meantime my house sold for full asking price. Called my son and told him he had to come get me. He moved me to Kentucky with he and his wife. I continued to give away money and "things". Found a doctor who treated cancer with herbs and told me I had a good chance since I had never done chemo or radiation. Decided to do Pilates since it was something I had always wanted to do.

My daughter-in-law was graduating from seminary and returning to Virginia. I was supposed to be buying a house in the Tidewater area of Virginia to be close to my granddaughter, etc. I kept putting it off. Was contacted for 50th high school reunion and decided to come to Florida in October 2009 for a planning luncheon in October. Decided I liked being around all my old friends. Bought a house in Ocala, Florida, found an old boyfriend that I dated in high school and with whom I was briefly engaged and we now live together in bliss. Sounds corny but true. I’m alive and very happy.

Thank you for telling me to just believe!

Please schedule a 30-minute introduction if you are interested in working with Alan.

I am honored to have had this opportunity that has empowered me on every level and helped me shift my consciousness to who I really am. Supporting me beyond what I have ever expected and observing the people’s lives change for the better. I cannot even put an amount on what Alan has done for my life. Alan is someone that you can truly trust and know that you are supported and guided with high integrity through all of his sessions.

Alan, I love who you are, thank you for your wisdom and your passion for life.

Hi Alan! Just wanted to send a quick note with some exciting news about my new massage business... I have had 4 clients this week (3 new and a patient I met at the hospital where I volunteer, who is purchasing a package from me when he comes in next week for his appointment!) And ... I have 6 clients scheduled for next week so far, with still a few to follow-up with! Very exciting!! I finally get it now. I changed the rules in my head and it has made such a difference. Thank you! 🙂

Thank you for all of your guidance and support. I recognize and acknowledge the incredible changes that I have made in my life and I am eternally grateful to you 😀

I had quite the interesting experience this AM (Monday). I was up before 5 to catch a flight to Chicago. The taxi arrived at 6, I checked my bag curbside, breezed through security and got to the gate only to discover that I had lost one of my gold hoop earrings (My grandmother had bought them for me in Italy in the 70's).

I retraced my steps back through the terminal, figuring that the floors were so shiny and clean that it would be easy to detect an earring. Went back to security, they were quite helpful, but it wasn't there. Went out to curbside, they were quite helpful, but the earring wasn't there.

I then retraced my steps back through security. Just as I got to the same security check point, Mr. TSA moved the gray bins. No earring but there was a dime on the floor. I find dimes in the strangest places and I attribute them to my grandmother.

I went back to the terminal, no earring. Got onto the jet bridge to board the plane and decided to call the taxi company. As I was talking to them, I moved aside of the jet bridge line so as not to bother anyone with my conversation. The line shifted as people with larger bags were asked to step aside to check their bags. After my conversation with the taxi company (no the driver did not find the earring), I slipped into a different place in the line.

I turned to the guy behind me and said 'oh well, it was just an earring'. He replied, 'that's a great attitude'. Then he looked closer at me (and my one earring) and said 'no'. He reached into his laptop bag and gave me my lost earring. He said that he had found it in the terminal; it hooked onto his luggage cart wheel so he picked it up.

So what are the chances of that randomly happening? It brought tears to my eyes. I thanked him profusely. He understood that it was more the sentimental value than the earring itself. The woman in front of me turned around and said, 'I was praying to St Anthony... he finds things'.

I have to say I never had these kind of experiences before our work together. That's it..... Life is good!

Dear Alan, It’s 2012 I am trying to follow up an all the things I said I would do and haven't done. One of those things is to say Thank You for all you have brought to my world. There have been many insights, laughs and breakthroughs but I will focus on the financial workshop I attended almost 4 and 1/2 years ago. I hope you can use this in your testimonials...check out the timeline...Whoa, I didn't realize how drastic it was until I did that time line!!!! THANKS ALAN!

Three months prior I purchased my first home (2 bedroom condo which I love still) and figured it wouldn't hurt to attend the workshop. Luckily I attended, sick as I was, because in the private sessions that followed I learned I was spending more than I was earning each month. That was scary. It took some work, physical and emotional, but I broke my bad habits. I took hard looks at my spending- not once a month- but every single time I handed over my hard earned money. It seemed like it took a long time but, math is math, and there is no arguing with numbers. Five months after I attended the workshop and private sessions my income was cut by 3.5%. For anyone who doesn't think it's much, it is! I also got engaged that fall and within a year my fiancée and I purchased a family home. Anyone who has tried to purchase anything 2008 and after understands how difficult it has been to borrow money. When you consider the timeline, 2007 was a make or break time. My destiny could have gone either way, and you offered and I lept and I am still midair. On behalf of my 2 homes, husband, myself, my cat (on my lap at this moment) and the hope of a beautiful family, I truly, deeply, sincerely Thank You for providing me with the tools and knowledge I needed to be so comfortable and confident in this awful beautiful world.

A timeline:
June 2007 Purchased the condo
Fall 2007 Financial Workshop
January 2008 Income cut 3.5%
Fall 2008 Got Engaged
June 2009 Bought Family Home, (Renting Condo)
Alan's Work = Priceless

Alan has made me aware of my surroundings in a new and different way, which has led me to more positive experiences.

I have received many raises, promotions at work, a new supportive relationship; I have taken many vacations which I never ever did before.

I really honor who I am and being empowered, I now with confidence, speak up for myself!