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Alan's Path to Life Coaching

At the beginning of 2000, it became obvious to me, that after many years of working too many hours each week in the corporate world I had to plan my escape. I was trapped in a cage shaped like a cubicle, like a hamster on a wheel, furiously running and getting absolutely nowhere.

I decided I would like to create a business working with people helping them improve their health and allowing me to make my own hours and have a better quality of life.

I left my corporate job to enroll in a local Massage Therapy Bodywork Program and a year later I had graduated and started my own business from home.

The work was amazing and my clients were so grateful and happy with my services.

Many clients said that after their physical body was relaxed they felt so much better. Yet I found the effects of the bodywork were not long lasting. I knew that there had to be a more effective method to get the ultimate changes that the clients wanted.

I started asking some of my regular clients to come in earlier for their appointment, to experience a special extra treatment, a gift from me, so that they would have an even better bodywork session. Everyone was excited to receive their gift and see what would happen.

As I prepared to work on these clients, my special treatment before the bodywork session, was to talk with them about what was happening in their day to day life.  

Where was their stress, sources of mental, physical, emotional pain, fears, upsets and their dreams and visions?

This mini-session, to establish what was happening presently in their reality, really set the tone for dramatic changes in the bodywork session.

A whole new dimension of deep relaxation and healing took place each time.

Changes were happening with clients in every aspect:

  • Health improved dramatically.

  • Relationships changed and a new clarity emerged which shifted the dynamics of friends and family to become more harmonious. New relationships were created based on mutual respect and value.

  • For those in a loving relationship with a significant other, their current relationship became deeper and blossomed or it easily and gently faded away and ended. This created the opportunity for a new relationship to appear that would be the fulfillment of their personal vision of the perfect loving partner.

  • Money issues dissolved as clients changed their old habits and beliefs. The new belief system brought financial security, debt relief, increased income and overflowing investment accounts. A real solid future without money fears or worries.

  • Occupations changed to be more in line with their new found self-confidence and client’s found a new vision of working and living for the first time in a comfortable work life balance.

Due to the amazing changes every client was experiencing from this process, it wasn’t long before I discontinued the bodywork and focused on clients as a Life Coach.

In 2007 as the world was contracting, in fear of an economic collapse, I was doing the opposite and creating an expansion. I rented a large office suite, brought in other wellness practitioners and “we” built a business helping a tremendous number of clients easily change the direction of their lives.

I worked with clients in person, one on one. I constantly traveled, running workshops locally and across the United States, to reach a larger audience. I was doing Television and Radio interviews, Keynote speeches at Health and Wellness expos and spoke to groups interested in changing the dynamics of how to live a greater life experience. I also created Retreats in the mountains, to get clients away from their day to day routine, to have very powerful personal transformations and to find true relaxation.

I found great joy in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners rediscover the pleasure of their work, while creating increased income, without the self-employed burnout of doing it all.

All of these experiences and so many more, brought me the joy of watching people have greater lives, expanding their own visions and creating the emotional and financial support to live a higher quality of life on every level.

In the spring of 2018 it was time to change direction once again. I began to slow down the business to prepare to close. It was time for me to take time to reflect as to what was next on my life’s journey.

Months later my life became very quiet. It was difficult for me not to have a schedule and business identity as most people do. Yet I had worked since I was 12 years old and it was time for me to have a new and different experience.

I did not know at that time that nine months later the world would shift with the Pandemic and things would radically change.

All through the Pandemic, I worked daily as an Essential Worker supporting the efforts of small businesses that were facing an uncertain future.

A year later I received a call that gave me a new direction of what was next. A man who had heard of me, asked me to help him figure out how to rebuild his business so he could continue to support his family as his savings were running out.

That call led to others seeking solutions to the new issues and challenges that everyone is now facing.

But this time I have not created a brick and mortar business like in the old days. I work with a variety of clients by telephone, who are ready to look within, allow themselves to be open to the guidance to change and to truly see what is not working in their present life situation without self-judgement. To shift easily into a life that is beyond their wildest imagination.

  • If you are not feeling the forward movement in your present life situation that you truly desire.
  • If you are sick and tired of working hard and not creating your personal vision of what you want your life to be.
  • If you are now ready and open to change.

When a person is open and ready, change is simple and easy!

Please schedule a 30-minute introductory session if you are interested in working with Alan.