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Kimberly Marie's Path to Channeling

I was born with many abilities that I did not understand which in my early life, created upset, anger and frustration.

As soon as I was eighteen I moved out of my family home. I worked day and night supporting myself and creating my new independent life.

In my spare time I began going to the gym to work on my physical body. I enjoyed working out so much I started Bodybuilding. Soon I became a competitive Bodybuilder posing onstage and winning many ribbons and awards. I became more confident, stronger and I felt really healthy for the first time in my life.

My day job, working in a prestigious upscale hotel, brought me in contact with people from all across the globe. It was exciting, as every day was different and the people I met were fascinating.

Because of all the physical exercise at work and at the gym, a co-worker recommended I try the hotel Spa for relaxation. The experience of a simple basic massage (my first) was for me, the most relaxing and peaceful experience I had ever felt. It was life changing. After the massage I said to the therapist, “Do you know what you are doing for other people? It’s amazing!”

That massage session was so relaxing and so powerful my first thought was if I could make other people feel that good, I would. I was feeling so great from the massage it gave me the inspiration to immediately sign up for massage school. I left my job, moved back home again and immediately started school.

I did not know, at that time, I was being guided along my path. I did not even know that I had a path!

Two years later when I graduated, I began using the tools that I had learned, to help people have their own life changing experiences.

I was working with clients as a massage therapist and enjoying the amazing changes I witnessed daily in each person’s reality. The shift into more awareness of who they are was exciting.

I also decided to embrace my love of the natural world, learning about plants and their connection to supplements and physical health.

My study, research and travel exploring the natural world of plants, farms and herbal gardens, taught me how to utilize natural products. I brought that knowledge and energy into my health and wellness practice. Healing of the mental, emotional and physical bodies comes from within, yet it is important to help support the body naturally, to maintain the best balance, to feel good all the time.

I began to create natural products, Essential Oil blends, Flower Essence blends, tinctures and sprays. As my massage practice grew, clients wanted to have the “after glow” feeling of the massage experience long after leaving my therapy room. Creating specific blends assisted them in feeling balanced and supported between sessions.

Yet I was still not clear, about how to help myself, find the next step on my own path.

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I felt another nudge along my path when I met an amazing man named Alan, who helps people using energy work. Alan assists people to have a deeper connection inside their own body, which causes them to wake up, recognize and connect to their true potential.

As soon as I worked with Alan, I recognized that most of my current choices, at that time, were not in alignment of who I was and what I wanted my life to be. I also saw very clearly what was missing from my life. It was as if I entered a dark room and turned on the light. I could now see everything and it was so clear. I now knew why I was here and what I was supposed to be doing, to be fulfilled and happy, while helping others.

Alan and I decided to join forces and work together. Over the years we have assisted a tremendous number of people, to be able to easily access, the deepest connection within their own body. Giving them clarity and direction to move easily along their own path.

At the present time, in my twenty five plus years in health and wellness, I no longer work in massage therapy. I continue my work with Alan assisting clients in connecting deeply within, to find harmony, mentally, physically and emotionally. It is amazing to watch each person discover and value the truth of their own life experience.

Also, I currently assist people with the selection, purchase and use of supplements, Essential Oils and other natural products to improve their physical health and wellbeing, within a medically based compounding pharmacy.

Every single person knows deep inside who they really are and what they want. What many people don’t realize is the unconscious blocks they have unknowingly created, which have held them hostage from experiencing the life that they desire. It is so simple when you deeply connect with yourself. You see where you have blocked yourself and once you recognize it, it no longer has power over you and it permanently disappears. You then easily see the direction you need to move toward, effortlessly, to reach your own personal destination.

It is important to realize that the only answers you need, to have the greatest life experience, can only come from within you. Even knowing that fact, most people will choose to look everywhere else but within.

For me it is an amazing gift to be able to assist an individual to connect deeply to themselves, watch them evolve and become the true vision of who they really are.

I frequently hear from people how free they feel, knowing that they can stop searching for the answers from outside and easily access their own truth. When they live in the present moment they find the power to create what they want effortlessly.

I feel so blessed and humble as I watch each person recognize the direction of their own life’s path, which most people never even knew existed before connecting within. The excitement and the freedom, as they experience direct access to their own path, is their new consciousness leading the way to a new life matching their own visions, dreams and desires.

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