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FAQ - Kimberly Marie

Channeling is a tool used to gain a new perspective and a new vision of your present life experience. The session results in new awareness, peace of mind, peace in the body and new day to day experiences.

With the awareness and perspective from the channeling session, your consciousness expands, resulting in new experiences and opportunities. You see directly with clarity who you are and where your life’s path is leading you.

You can ask questions about any aspect of your life. Some examples would be:
  • World conditions that are affecting you
  • Fears that are holding you back
  • Feeling stuck
  • Personal struggles
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Money issues
  • Employment
  • Any day to day experiences

The session will give you the clarity and support you need to immediately change your current situation.

The information that is shared will expand your consciousness, which gives you a new perspective and insight into “who you are” at a very deep level.

You will “know that you know” what is best for you, as you move forward with confidence, listening to yourself for the answers from within.

Learning how to easily guide “YOURSELF” through life’s experiences adds an amazing dimension to the life “YOU” create.

Book your channeling session today:

To get comfortable with the flow of information it is suggested that the first session be a 60 minute session. After the first session, when booking another session, you can choose a short or long session depending on the questions that you may have. In this way you will know the speed of the flow of information and choose what works for you personally.
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